Trinity Dental Agency Provide experienced, reliable, enthusiastic, and conscientious Dental nurses, Managerial staff and hygienists.

We have one contact name for each specialised area of recruitment. In case of any changes in point of contact, clients are informed of changes and latest developments accordingly.

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Welcome To Trinity Dental Agency

Trinity Dental Agency is part of the Trinity Care Services Limited; we have been providing experience(d) dental ancillary staff (Area Managers/Practice Mangers/Dental Nurses/Receptionist Staff) for over 14 years.

The dental training centre for the dental nurses was established 9 years ago and the growth has been successful. Aims, objectives and goals set has always been achieved with the best results. Trinity dental has several years of experience and committed to working for the dental health.

This includes working for the private surgeries, N.H.S, in the communities and hospital Settings. We have dental nurses who are specially trained to assist in the surgeries with Implantology, sedation and in oral maxillofacial/aesthetics surgery, children dentistry, and dental care for the disabled and in the dental health education.

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