We have qualified /registered dental nurses and Hygienists who are particularly trained, in the entire specialized field.

Implantology: Endosseous implant is when a metal is inserted into the bone of the jaw, through the alveolar bone, with the other part protruding into the mouth, on to which a prosthesis or orthodontic appliance may be attached or may be used to immobilize a fracture. This can also be intramucosal insertion for the support and retention of appliance or prosthetics. We have staffs that are very knowledgeable, experienced, and well trained in this field.

Sedation /anaesthetics in the dental surgery: This is a condition of decreased functional activity. The production of calm or lessened excitement. The drugs use is called "controlled drugs" and their supply is rigidly controlled by law under the misuse of Drug Regulation 1973

Oral Maxillofacial/theatre Nursing: This is a branch of dental surgery which is concerned with operative treatment of the jaws and other facial processes. Assistance by the dental nurses in theatre before, during, and after an operation is very vital. A branch of medical science, which is concerned with the manual or operative treatment of disease or injury. All our theatre nurses are trained to care with courtesy. They have the experience and the skills required to work well in this area.

Dental Aesthetics: This is a branch of dentistry, where remedial treatment takes place to improve or change the outlook. We have special courses in place that are designed to educate and train staff to work closely with the dentists to achieve the best result.

Dental health education: This is a part of dentistry that is concerned with dental health in the community. It's promoted through dental health education, the provision of preventive and other forms of treatment for dental disease and associated research. We have qualified dental therapist/hygienist and nurses that are particularly trained in this area. They work in the community, in the private surgeries, and in the hospitals. It is a very rewarding aspect of dentistry, where the dental health education awareness is well in circulation.

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