Aims and Values

We are committed to providing high quality, flexible, responsive ancillary dental recruitment services.

Particular services

  • We assist dentists in their private practices; hospitals or community settings to ensure smooth and successful dental treatments are achieved at all times.

  • We provide practical support and training to staff.

  • We make sure our rates are specified and competitive.

  • We strive to maximise the choices open to our clients, when we provide our services.

  • We deliver our services with courtesy.

We recognise that the way we achieve these aims is as important as the aims themselves. The following values show our commitment of providing quality services:

  • Openness
    Decisions will be made transparently and communicated honestly.

  • Fairness
  • Recruitment will be through a just and fair process and be as fair as possible to all those involve.

  • Equity
    We will strive to make sure clients/staff are never treated unequally because of their ethnic origin, culture, religion, age, disability, sexuality or gender and to ensure that equal services is provided on the basis of client's needs and requirements.

    All new staff are given the induction training. This is to ensure that both the office and support staff is sufficiently trained / skilled to deliver a quality service.

    We request for feedback from our clients to monitor our services. We use the information to improve and rectify our services.

  • Effectiveness
    Recruitment will be based on understanding the effectiveness of different options and approach in meeting client's needs and requirements to achieve the best outcomes at every level.

  • Value for money
    Consideration of the relative cost, efficiency and quality of our services will play a central role, so that services of an agreed rate and of a high standard are available to all our clients.

  • Responsiveness
    A quick and effective response whilst we consider the wishes of our clients, so that our services reflect the differing needs of our clients within the dental health. Particular circumstance and preference of our clients and staff are taken into account at every level.


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